Sideshow Wolverine 1:6 Scale Figure

Sideshow Wolverine 1/6th Scale
Sideshow Wolverine 1/6th Scale

Sideshow has revealed their latest Wolverine 1:6 Scale figure. Wolverine stands at 12-inches tall. He features a masked and unmasked heads, multiple interchangeable arms, interchangeable hands, and a base stand. The exclusive version will include the Murasama Blade. Wolverine is scheduled for 3rd Quarter of 2016 release date and he is priced at $249.99.

Sideshow Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format

Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format
Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format

The new look Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format was announced as a part of Sideshow’s San Diego Comic-con online initiative, where fans who cannot make it to the convention can preview upcoming products. The classic look Wolverine statue stands at 20-inches tall and 11-inches around. The exclusive version features a second right hand clutching a Muramasa blade to swap out with the standard hand, which will feature claws popped. Both the standard and exclusive variations will also include a second, unmasked head sculpt to use at your discretion.  Wolverine Brown Costume Premium Format will be released in July  or August of 2016.

Inspired by the events of Wolverine’s breakout comic book mini-series, collectively known as ‘the Japan Saga’, Logan embarks on a personal mission away from the X-Men to the land of the rising sun, where he must fight for the woman he loves and restore his honor. Expertly sculpted with dynamic detail, the mutant berserker crouches in anticipation of a fight over a snowy bridge riddled with arrows from unseen adversaries. Disguised in his popular classic brown and yellow costume, collectors can further define their favorite look for Logan with masked and unmasked portraits, each depicting his savage ferocity. Ready to tear through his enemies like an angry God, the lone warrior unsheathes his razor-sharp Adamantium claws, and Japanese steel forged by the swordmaster Muramasa. Because let’s face it, Bub – he’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice…

Marvel Rebooting Wolverine

Marvel is bringing back Wolverine with Secret Wars using alternate realities called Battleworld. The new Old Man Logan series is written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Andrea Sorrentino. The first edition will be released on May 27th, later this month. Old Man Logan #1 welcomes back the iconic X-men superhero to the Wastelands, a land dominated by victorious super villains.


Old Man Logan (Wolverine)
Old Man Logan

Enter the Wastelands…a realm where all heroes have been murdered by their arch-enemies, villains who now rule over the land with an iron fist. In the midst of this dystopian chaos, one man may make a difference…a reluctant warrior who was once the greatest mutant of all…a man known as OLD MAN LOGAN.”