Turtle Beach Star Wars Battlefront Gaming Headset

Star Wars Battlefront Headsets
Star Wars Battlefront Headsets

Turtle Beach recently announced the new gaming Star Wars Sandtrooper themed headset for the much anticipated EA’s Star Wars Battlefront.  The standard version of Sandtrooper headset will be available in the UK, Australia and select territories across Europe. Meanwhile, the limited edition Santrooper headsets with individual numbering and an extra set of Star Wars speaker plates will be available at Best Buys exclusively in the US. You can pre-order the limited edition version at Best Buy for $99.00. Both standard and limited edition will be available by the time Star Wars Battlefront released this fall.

Buy Good Apple Lightning Cable for Your iPhone

Apple Lightning Cable
Apple Lightning Cable

There are a lot of Apple lighting cables available in the market, with various price range from $1 to over $20. But how to make sure the cables that you purchase are at the right price and right quality.

Apple has MFi (Manufacturing for Apple) program for third-party manufacturers or developers that want to make electronics accessories, including cable that connect to Apple devices. Manufacturers and developers need to be part of the MFi program. Sellers no need to be part of the MFi program but has to purchase from authorized MFi manufacturers. Lists of authorized MFi manufacturers are available on MFi portal once you sign the Non Disclosure Agreement.

Manufacturers need to apply Product Plan ID (PPID) at MFi portal for products/SKUs that they want to produce.

1. Manufacturers to submit PPID that describe the products, SKUs, UPC/EAN, to get Apple’s approval.
2. Third party lab to perform audit on behalf of Apple.
3. Manufacturers to submit packaging artwork that meet with Apple requirement, including the usage of “Made for iPod, Made for iPhone, Made for iPad logos”. This “MFi logo” is the way to communicate to customers that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect  specifically to iPod, iPhone and iPad, and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards.

Apple MFi logo
Made for Apple MFi Program Logo

This approved PPID will also be used as reference to purchase the lightning connectors that required to manufacture the accessories.

If you are consumer, you need to check MFi logo in the packaging, no MFi logo means it is not certified by MFi program and the lightning connectors used may not be from Apple’s manufacturers.

If you are sourcing to resell, you need to make sure the factory is on the list of MFi program. You also need to request manufacturers to provide copy of PPID number, with list of SKUs/UPC/EAN and brand that match with the products you want to purchase. The copy of PPID is NOT allowed to be used as marketing tools, but it is only for your own documentation that the product/SKU and brand has been approved by Apple MFi program.


Dede has more than 10 years experience in consumer electronics manufacturing as project/product manager.
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