Square Enix Variant Play Arts Kai Timeless Batman Bushido

Batman Timeless Bushido Play Arts Kai
Batman Timeless Bushido Play Arts Kai

Square Enix revealed another of their Batman Timeless line with Bushido Batman Play Arts Kai. Batman is featured with massive Edo era armor set, a red cape, two katanas, and battle effect sculpting. He stands at roughly 11-inches tall and will include interchangeable hands, a grappling claw as well as a base stand. Bushido Batman Play Arts Kai will be released in June of this year.

Square Enix continues their “Batman Timeless” Variant Play Arts Kai lineup, re-imagining the Caped Crusader as he might appear in different periods of history!  This figure envisions Batman as he might have looked in the days of feudal Japan!  Wearing an amazing samurai-armor-influenced version of his familiar outfit, Batman stands a towering 30cm tall.  The detail is breathtaking–check out the carefully designed jointed armor and the unique cape!  Batman comes with two swords and sheaths for each, a grappling hook, five extra interchangeable hands, and a stand.  Make room for this iconic hero in your collection today!

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