Kaiyodo Revoltech Ultron

Revoltech Ultron
Revoltech Ultron

Coming in December 2015 is Kaiyodo Revoltech Ultron action figure based on Avengers: Age of Ultron.

- The intricate appearance of cybernetic Ultron has been meticulously reproduced in every detail with the addition of Revoltech joints that allow a great degree of articulation to recreate various scenes from the film;
- Included a part effect, usable on the left hand, which reproduces a flash;
- The eyes are mobile and can be positioned with the aid of a small awl included;
- Present two hands and an optional stand articulated, it allows to recreate the scenes of flight and jump from the film.

Package Content:

- 1x Figures Ultron;
- Hands optional (1x each side);
- 1x Part effect;
- 1x punch to move eyes;
- 1x Stand articulated complete.

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